Primary Maths

Maths is one of my favourite subjects. There are many ways to make it fun in primary school. Here are a few ideas below. I’ve indicated which year level the activities are appropriate for. 1. Websites 15 maths games in 15 minutes or less (K-6) Gobbling Gobblins (K-3) Develop confidence with number sequences to and from 100 by ones from any starting point. Skip count … Continue reading Primary Maths

Primary and Preschool Creative Arts

Art is a great way for children to explore their creativity and individuality. They can even use all five senses at once. Slimy Goop Recipe Create your own puppet Here is a great video explaining how to make a sock puppet at home 🧦 Origami Easter bunny Pop up cards Moving paper fish Paper chain Pom Pom Paper plane Bubble Sticks Unicorn eggs Crystal … Continue reading Primary and Preschool Creative Arts

Literacy Websites

My little brother is at preschool so we have some great literacy activities for preschoolers. Literacy is about learning sounds, words and language. This is what they use to learn to read, write and communicate with others. Here are a few fun literacy activities for home: Create your own online storybook My Story Book Use Playdough to create the alphabet This great YouTube video shows … Continue reading Literacy Websites