Preschool Science

Scientific experiments are a great way for a preschooler to become more inquisitive about the world around them. Perhaps they will learn about trial and error and the importance of trying again after a failure.

Below are a few science experiments which are easy to try at home with your preschooler”

1. Ziplock Sensory Bag

Easy and fun to make with little mess once the bags are sealed! Fill them with fun objects you have lying around your home. Here is a quick video showing you how to make two types of sensory bags.

2. Lava lamp

A lava lamp is the most fun experiment that I have done . A lava lamp works because the oil has a heaver density that the water and food colouring so it sink to wards the bottom when you add the tablet to the mix it creates a reaction which dissolves the oil making it float to the top like a lava lamp .

Make a lava lamp at home

3. Skittle rainbow

The candy rainbow experiment works because the skittles are coated in sugar and food colouring and that melts in water so when you place them in water the will melt creating a colourful swirl.

4. Colour Swirl

The colour swirl experiment works because soap pushes away fat and when you add soap to the milk and food colouring it pushes away the milk ( because it contains fat ) and turns into a colourful swirl.

5. Ice cream in a bag

This experiment is one of the funnest and delicious experiment ever . in this experiment you use thing that you will probably have around the house to create delicious ice-cream .

6. Self freezing cola

7. Borax crystals

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