Literacy Websites

My little brother is at preschool so we have some great literacy activities for preschoolers. Literacy is about learning sounds, words and language. This is what they use to learn to read, write and communicate with others.

Here are a few fun literacy activities for home:

Create your own online storybook

My Story Book

Use Playdough to create the alphabet

This great YouTube video shows you how to make each letter of the alphabet with playdough. Lots of fun 😊

Learning letters in sand or sprinkles

Spell Block Academy

Spell Block Academy

Storyline Online

Storyline Online

Word World


Literacy in everyday life

Here are some great literacy ideas to talk to you preschooler about which are already part of your day:

  1. Share stories at mealtimes with your family to help vocabulary development
  2. Read. Read. Read.
  3. Go for a hunt for letters around the house or when you are out (e.g. street signs, number plates)

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