Primary Science

These are some S.T.E.M. ideas to keep your primary school child entertained while learning and having fun 🙂 I have indicated which primary year levels are best suited to each experiment below.

1. Lava lamp (K to 4)

A lava lamp is the funnest experiment I have done . A lava lamp works because the oil has a heaver density that the water and food colouring so it sink to wards the bottom when you add the tablet to the mix it creates a reaction which dissolves the oil making it float to the top like a lava lamp .

Make a lava lamp at home

2. Make a cloud (K to 2)

The ‘make a cloud’ experiment works because a cloud is created by vaporising water and when you do this experiment you vaporise the water which creates a cloud .

3. Make a bouncy egg (K to 4)

A bouncy egg might take 24 hours to do, but the wait is definitely worth it! The bouncy egg experiment works because when you add the egg to the white vinagar it devolves the egg shell leaving a bouncy protective layer . A remember after doing this experiment the egg is still raw .

4. Skittle rainbow experiment (K to 2)

The candy rainbow experiment works because the skittles are coated in sugar and food colouring and that melts in water so when you place them in water the will melt creating a colourful swirl.

5. Colour swirl (K to 2)

The colour swirl experiment works because soap pushes away fat and when you add soap to the milk and food colouring it pushes away the milk ( because it contains fat ) and turns into a colourful swirl.

6. Glowing water (K to 4)

This experiment works because highlighters glowing the dark and when you add what a highlighter contains into water it makes the water glow in the dark.

Make glowing water with just highlighters

7. Growing gummy bares (3 to 5)

8. Egg drop (3 to 6)

the aim of this experiment is to drop an egg down from a high place without letting it crack . You can use things around the house to create a protective barrier around the egg like duck tape or a toilet roll .

9. Baggie and pencil (4 to 6)

10. Mentos and diet coke explosion (2 to 6)

11. Rainbow bubble snake (K to 3)

12. Tornado in a bottle (K to 4)

13. Orange fizz (4 to 6)

14. Ice cream in a bag (K to 6)

15. Hot ice (5 & 6)

16. Glowing egg (3 to 6)

17.Balloon speakers (5 & 6)

18. Crystal Candy (K to 6)

Comment below on how your experiment went ! 🙂

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